I bought a super6 Keyboard last week, and I’d like to use it in live.
I wanted to buy MONO Keyboard case for sake of safety but according to MONO support team, It’ll be too tight.

I’m just wondering what case are you guys using. I want really safe and solid case. (No hard case) Or does anymore using MONO Vertigo Keyboard Case?

Thanks in advance!

Yo! Not sure if this is what you want, but this is linked to in the FAQ

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Thanks Ben! But i’m looking for more like a gig bag!

I bought the Gator 49 key gigbag thing. Works really well, but both of the plastic bits that hold the shoulder straps in have broken, so it’s getting sent back to Thomann for replacement. Other than that it’s a really great bag!

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Thanks Mike!
Can you carrying it like a back pack? I’m looking something like back pack!

Yes, unless it’s broken like now. But usually you can