UDO S-6 Dimensions (Custom Flight Case)

I’m unable to find exact dimensions of the Super 6 in the manual or on the website (perhaps I’m not looking in the right place?).

Anyone able to help out with precise measurements so I can have a flight case built? The main concern is that the keys overhang the chassis so if the case was to receive an impact on the side, the keys would bear the pressure of the force.

I recall seeing the UDO had partnered with a company to build cases specifically for the Super 6, but a) I can’t find that page on the site anymore, and b) I need a case ASAP.


Sorry, I am currently not able to measure the dimensions due to beeing far away from home, but there is the link you need:

Thank you Vanlesson.

Has anyone found a US cases solution? These Swan cases look nice, but the shipping to the US adds another ~33% to the price.

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Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 2.34.52 PM

Dimensions according to Thomann. I needed them before purchasing a dust cover.

For those interested, I had a custom case built (although, there’s no way I can take the Super 6 into a live performance situation until the firmware update arrives, and the note-dropping issue is fully resolved!).

Keen to read your ideas or see your designs (and see how the Swan case compares), but here were my considerations:

  • A “ledge” to protect the keybed from contact with the case. Personally, I wouldn’t use a case that doesn’t factor in the overhang of the keys. If the keys are in contact with the case, I would expect key breakage to be inevitable. In the below photo it’s hard to see, but the S6 chassis is snug, with no movement within the case. The gap between the keys and the case is due to this “ledge”.

  • Careful placement of foam in lid. I will be adding add an extra strip of high density foam in the lid directly above the space between the keys and buttons (mod matrix etc), running the length of the keybed, to minimise movement in transit.

  • No foam in contact with faders/knobs. Any movement in transit could potentially result in bent faders etc if foam is in contact with these controls, especially if the synth is travelling on its face, rather than its feet (who knows what happens to your gear once it’s in the hands of somebody else!).

  • Also (not pictured), two handles, and wheels on one end.

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Has anyone had any experience with that swan flightcase yet? Its reassuringly expensive but I’m feeling the same way as Naill - If the key overhang isn’t dealt there’ll almost certianly be breakage.

Niall - that case looks good. How’s it been working out?

Hey DrewBypass,

My case has been great. It’s been on several flights now, in and out of the tour van etc. Plenty of opportunities for drops, bumps and general mistreatment! I’ve had no problems: no bent faders, no keybed issues.

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Hey Niall sorry for long delay! Thanks for the info. In the end I just bought the swan one - pure laziness basically… Seems pretty good. It doesn’t really deal with the sticking out keys issue but it fits so snugly I don’t think it’ll be a problem. At least I hope not - off out for a bit now I’ll let you know if any disasters happen.