New S6, wonky key

Just received a new S6 and the right most key is droopy :frowning:

For an instrument that’s so beautiful otherwise, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. It makes me worry there are other hidden issues with the keybed, too.

Is this a QA issue or can it happen in transit?

I see you’re complaining about it on Modwiggler too. George will be at Superbooth so probably won’t see this for a while - maybe just chill a bit and send a support ticket. In the meantime hopefully it won’t limit your playing technique too badly.

That’s a bit weird Paul, to police somebody - across sites, too. I am entitled to some privacy and I am also entitled to be disappointed

You may be being too sensitive. What I wrote is hardly ‘policing’, just helpful advice or an attempt to help anyway.

Thank you for your help. As for too sensitive, possibly so. I find purchasing high value items stressful and I hate returning things to retailers. But if there’s a pile of Super 6’s sitting in their warehouse without a wonky key then … can I have one of those instead, please?

It was unnecessary to attack UDO’s QA, because I don’t actually know anything about that either way. I have adjusted my original post.



The keys should be perfectly aligned. Don’t worry we’ll get you sorted out. You just have to contact us or your dealer and we work out the fastest and easiest way. Support is not offered generally on the public forum, but I’m replying here in case your reply is delayed due to Superbooth show


This issue was fully resolved to my complete satisfaction in a timely manner. Everybody involved was polite, friendly, and helpful, including the retailer, the UK distributor and of course UDO themselves.