What comes in the box?

Hi all, new user here. Just wondering what came in everyones box? Mine had two boxes along with the Super 6. One was larger than the other, however both just had UK power supplies in.

Just wondering if there should have been a manual, USB cable etc, or anything decent freebies (keepsakes) you get with these premium synths sometimes.

Btw, love the bag my desktop came. Much better than the usual plastic.

Hi, my S6 came in late summer 2020 with different power supply connectors, USB cable, paper print manual and the bag (with no print on it).

Thanks for that. Ive logged with support. Tbh, was hoping for some goodies, anything else isn’t really an issue.


Somehow you’ve ended up with two power cable boxes and not a goodies box. This is not supposed to be! Please email support@udo-audio.com with your address and we’ll send you the box with printed manual, dust cloth, usb cable and udo stickers. Thanks! George @udo-audio @DDS

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Thanks George, appreciate the quick response. Ive sent the email. :+1: