S6 Desktop

I pre-ordered on day 1 and accepting these strange times, the date for release gets push back most weeks any idea when we will see them on the street?

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i have heard they should hit stores by January in the US. i also pre-ordered mines as sooooon as they were announced.

Yup I’m thinking a late Christmas present if it’s an early Christmas present all the better.

Desktop arriving on Monday - can’t wait.

wow! that’s way quicker than i expected them to be out. awesome!

enjoy that shizz!

So my desktop has arrived and is up in the studio - build quality seems good but there mod amount destination pot has almost zero resistance unlike the other knobs on the synth is this correct?

It’s like that on my keyboard version so I would say that’s fine.

Solved by support - thank you - it’s normal for the mod amount to have little resistance, thank you UDO support.

jealooooous of everyone getting theirs so quickly. are you all in the UK? ordered direct?

this gives me the HAPPIES.

Anyone by chance have a Jaspers stand to check if the Desktop Super 6 can sit on the brackets at an angle without slipping off? As much as I would love to use it on a Vesa mount or my desk, I can’t due to space :frowning:

Very excited to get this beauty in eventually in the US…Perfect Circuit do some magic.

synthtastic: there’s a 90 degree bend on the lower half of the front of the module… it should fit on a jaspers with no issues about slipping off… and the brackets will be hidden too

Speaking of ergonomics, has anyone heard anything about availability of the rack ears yet? I actually didn’t realise they wouldn’t be included in the box… and plan to rack the unit

Me too, I’d like to rack my unit.

Hi all. There is a shipment of desktops on its way to the US now and more will be put to sea in January. Our rack ears aren’t up in our shop yet but we do have them and so if anyone wishes to contact us at hello@udo-audio.com we can make a special arrangement for you. Thanks, George

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Wagoo are you the same entity as Jexus?

If so patches when?

hoping to have my hands on one soon. i totallllllly understand all the delays with everybody working with electronics. murf. and distance shipping. the world is a MESS right now.

but curious - layout wise, what i was hoping to do was set mines right behind an Arturia Keylab MK II 61 on my desk. the Keylab is 2.1 inch/5.334 cm tall at the back. would everything at the bottom be easily accessible still?

anybody know how tall the bottom few inches of the Destop S6 are when it’s got it’s tilty tilt on?


I’ve encountered another bug on my desktop - it’s a simple one, the DETUNE / PW slider in shift mode does not engage the DRIFT function as described in the manual and FAQ. I checked this by sending CC 94 to my desktop and it does engage the drift function properly. Hopefully a quick fix in the next firmware by routing the CC to the slider. Thanks!

Thanks for resolving the drift issue on the desktop! :slight_smile:

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I think the new 0.30 might have broken manual mode - when I go into manual mode and change the oscillator type or range it’s not reflected in the sound.

Hey Acidizer: nope I’m not Jexus. He’s one of my synth heroes though, so tend to champion him when I get the chance. I hope he gets to the Super-6 at some point :slight_smile:

Good to hear the rack ears are available direct from UDO… gonna contact them and try and get a set

Hi George,

I preordered the desktop Super Six from Perfect Circuit yesterday. Very excited to get one, but I’ve got no idea where I am in their queue of orders. I’m going to email them as well, but I was wondering if you have any update on the status of the last shipment and the next one you mentioned. I understand all of the challenges with shipping so I’m not expecting any kind of firm prediction.

BTW, thank you so much for making it VESA compatible. I have very little space on my desk, but I do have room for one of those desktop clamp stands.


Greg Phipps