S6 Desktop

I pre-ordered on day 1 and accepting these strange times, the date for release gets push back most weeks any idea when we will see them on the street?

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i have heard they should hit stores by January in the US. i also pre-ordered mines as sooooon as they were announced.

Yup I’m thinking a late Christmas present if it’s an early Christmas present all the better.

Desktop arriving on Monday - can’t wait.

wow! that’s way quicker than i expected them to be out. awesome!

enjoy that shizz!

So my desktop has arrived and is up in the studio - build quality seems good but there mod amount destination pot has almost zero resistance unlike the other knobs on the synth is this correct?

It’s like that on my keyboard version so I would say that’s fine.

Solved by support - thank you - it’s normal for the mod amount to have little resistance, thank you UDO support.

jealooooous of everyone getting theirs so quickly. are you all in the UK? ordered direct?

this gives me the HAPPIES.