Have any US stores received the Super 6?

Hello. Waiting patiently (sort of) for my Super 6 to arrive here in the US. I purchased from a US store and throughout the year have heard different dates of when they might have them in stock, before and after I put in the order.

My question is has anyone in the US bought a Super 6 from a US store and received it this year? In other words I am wondering if backorders are trickling in or if it has not been received by US stores this year.

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A few weeks ago, I got notified via email that Perfect Circuit had some in stock. This was after 9 months of waiting to be notified. They’re sold out again though. So I guess they get here and the units move quickly.

Edit: Try this place called Noisebug

Thanks. I am on a waiting list with a store myself and was hoping that the various dates I have heard through the year (some before I ordered) of April, July, August, September weren’t just made up. So good to know at least some have been coming in.

Keep an eye on reverb, I started continually checking reverb because I didn’t want to wait and was able to snag a Super 6 from a small dealer and have it delivered within 3 days.

This one is brand new and in the US

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I bought mine on Thomann’s site. Had to import it from Germany, which after shipping (I want to say was 150-180 USD) and tariffs (120 I think) was about $2800 or so to get it to Los Angeles. But they were fast. I was quoted a 2-month wait on December 21, 2020. I received mine on the 24th. Middle of the holiday shipping rush. And I still paid less than I’ve seen anyone in the US charging. Not to fanboy, but Thomann is like that every time in my experience, they get me my stuff faster and cheaper than I would from actual US distributors, and even dealing with their service (I had a cracked part on a Jasper’s stand) they overnighted me a replacement part from Germany free of charge.

Wow, that is the first time I have ever seen one in stock in the US. Unfortunately I have already paid for mine in full to be on the waiting list. They say this month is the one so we’ll see - I won’t wait forever so thanks for the Reverb tip.

Interesting that they are now $2950 everywhere. When I put down the money in the Spring it was $2800. Maybe exchange rates.

Maybe I should have brought from Thomann’s. But I know of another person on GearSpace that had his really hung up in customs for awhile, and I thought they said their tariffs were much higher. Anyway it’s true that’s another option and they look like a great place.

I bought it from Thomann. I live in the states and had it delivered to my door within 2 weeks. This was at a time when I couldn’t find it in stock almost anywhere. Other than the import fee I got it for a ridiculous deal ($2,500 incl shipping). Would have had to pay $3,100 pretty much everywhere else. I was very happy lol.