When changing patches, keep the sound/effects/decay of prior patch going until new keys played on the new patch

I think the Korg Kronos can do this. Super cool to let sounds ring after clicking the patch change button, especially when performing live and changing patches frequently. Thanks!

I disagree, there are some amazing surprises to be found going between presets in the current implementation

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My experience, mostly, is that notes cut off when you press another preset’s button; for the most part, there is usually no “amazing surprise” (the only surprise is that, more often than not, you get abrupt silence the you try to change ringing patches…!).

I’ve tried holding notes while switching to a new patch, but whatever unexpected surprise that happens only lasts for less than a second, and then the normal patch sound is played with subsequent played notes. I think for performance purposes what I propose would be a nice feature to have (Jordan Rudess agrees with me…).

For the more experimental uses, perhaps a “shift” function could be implemented to let the new patch ring as a “hybrid patch” with some of the parameters from the old patch as it seems to function now, maybe even retriggering the held notes in the new patch at full velocity to make it more obvious. I guess it depends on how most users would like this to work, and, of course, if it is doable in the software…

I doubt it is doable in the current implementation- at least in a reliable way. Either a synth is fully digital and keeps some sort of state in cache or the preset doesn’t actually load until the first note is hit and then it’s not that different to the current behaviour

Why do you doubt it? Do you have specific knowledge as to why?? Korg Kronos has been doing this seamlessly for 10 years. Don’t you think maybe a software/firmware adjustment would get this done? I am not a programmer, but writing code to delay patch change after selection until new key is pressed doesn’t seem like a daunting change… but I could be wrong.

Check this video:

10:06 - Smooth Sound Transitions

The parameters not changing until a note is played is almost certainly possible but the change over sound would be the same as what exists now. The video you linked sounds like there’s a really nice short fade out between patches. I would imagine this would be difficult or impossible on the super 6 since the elements that make each voice are discrete and the filters and vca are analog.

At the moment when the patch is changed (or the first note is pressed) the values on these elements jump straight to where they need to be for the new patch. There is no way for the previous patch to make sound at this point, however this would be almost trivial on a fully digital workstation since there’s often spare processing power left to make this sort of feature.

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FYI, I have already requested this some time ago directly to UDO/George.
I have this feature on my Radikal Technlogies Accelerator and tbh, all synths should have it (especially for example the Polybrute). You can keep a chord going on with one patch then go to a new patch without breaking the previous sound.
The problem is that you need 2 effects buses to keep the previous sound sounding while switching to the new sound. So unless having that from the beginning, I guess that this is not possible to achieve.
Now, with FPGA, it could maybe be possible but I have no clue if you can make such architecture change without affecting the HW.

I was interested in something like this but not in relation to patch changes - because I stay in Manual most of the time. My hope was that the results of switches could be suppressed for existing notes and only applied to new notes - i.e. notes played after the switch has changed position.

I realise it might not be worth the programming effort for every switch - so I primarily dreamed about the keytrack and drive switches in the filter section. Those are two parameters I want to use in performance but rarely do - because the effect is too abrupt and jarring on existing notes.