Making patch changes load faster

I’ve noticed that when you change the patch, it takes a while for it to take effect, both when doing it via the onboard buttons and via program change. Now, waiting for half a second (or whatever it takes) is no real problem when playing the synth casually. However, I would like to control the Super 6 from my Syntakt, changing patches on the fly both within and between different patterns. When doing this, it’s crucial that the synth responds instantly.

I owned a Novation Peak for a while, and there it was possible to change patches instantly, meaning I could use different patches for each step in the sequencer without any artifacts, silences, or hiccups.

I don’t know if it’s possible to make the Super 6 respond even faster. Maybe there’s some limitation in the hardware/software, but I thought that I at least should bring this up. As of now, I will have to stick to a single patch for my whole song, or strategically put down triggers in a way that gives the synth enough time to load a new patch.

Me too … I would like to have a much faster patchchange. All my other synths are changing immediately. For live playing, this patch slomo is anoying.
Maybe someone of the UDO team can tell us why it is so and can’t be changed until now. thank you.

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