Prg Ch over USB, How?

Hi, I’m trying to get my S6 to respond to change patches in my live rig from Logic / Mainstage, it’s a direct USB connection but it just doesn’t seem to do anything, I’m sending bank and patch changes but nothing occurs. TX/RX P is set up only for receive and midi channel 1 across the board. Local is off, V3 firmware. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Something seems to be getting there as any selected patch led goes off when it receives the prg ch but no other patch leds and the bank doesn’t change

I’m having a similar issue: Super 6 not responding to program changes sent from Ableton (but MIDI over DIN, not USB).

But, I’m curious why you have Local off? The manual says:

  • OFF: If local control is disabled (unlit LED), the Super 6’s front panel controls and keyboard will have no impact on the internal sound engine.

Wouldn’t this mean that your patches wouldn’t make any sound even if it did receive the program change correctly? Have you tried keeping local on, and then as per the manual:

TX/RX P: This option allows you to determine whether program change messages will be transmitted and received via MIDI. Once you press TX/ RX P you can activate and combine both of the following options:

  • PATCH SELECT BUTTON 2: With this option selected, program change messages will be received.

Another factor is:

What is the Super 6’s protocol for labelling programs?

Pls let me know how you go, because this is driving me nuts and I need it for a show on Thursday!

Hi Niall,

Glad I’m not alone! I can get it to change patches to something but as the patch no LED goes out and the bank LED stays the same I couldn’t tell what patch it had changed to. My live rig is all USB so no DIN midi available for me to try. I’m gonna have to open a support ticket and see if anyone on the Facebook group is any wiser. Watch this space! It’s my first full rehearsal with this rig today and luckily the only patch changes I was looking to put in were at song starts for now.

I’ve just had a flash of inspiration (but unfortunately the S6 is cased for rehearsal so can’t test it out)

Have you tried recording a prg ch in to a DAW to see what the S6 is kicking out and then sending that back to the S6?

I’ll try it this afternoon and report back. I’ve also opened a ticket with George and the boys.

Great idea.

I just tried recording program changes into my DAW as you suggested. No success for me, unfortunately. I could see Ableton was receiving MIDI with every patch change, but I couldn’t see evidence it had recorded MIDI data, and it didn’t playback the patch/program changes. Maybe this function isn’t supported by Ableton? Perhaps you’ll have success with your DAW…

When I write in the program change in a MIDI clip the Super 6 does change patches, but the LEDs only light if the patch is already in the selected bank.

E.G. I start on G1. G1 LED is lit. DAW sends a program change to G3, the LED for G3 becomes lit, patch has successfully changed to G3. DAW sends program change to F3, no LEDs are lit, but the F3 patch is selected.

This is after I did a global reset. TX/RX P is set to send and receive. Local is turned on.

Please let me know how you go with “George and the boys”!

Well I’ve just about got through a days rehearsing with it but not without trouble. I’ve turned TX off, I think it was just causing trouble but I’ve had problems with it getting stuck on one patch and the buttons not working, corrupted patches that miraculously come to life after reboot, all sorts. I’ve opened a support ticket, I’ll see what happens

Message received back from UDO. Sort of explains the behaviour of the LEDs. Doesn’t explain the weird corrupted patch I keep getting or the locking up. Gonna save all my patches out and reload the S6

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for your message!

With the release of firmware version 0.27 we’ve simplified the program change behaviour via MIDI messages. Bank select messages are no longer required to access the full memory of the instrument (128 patches). Instead, the Super 6 uses Program Change messages (0-127) only.

For proper operation, the Super 6 must be set to receive program changes using the global settings: Press the SHIFT button, then the button labelled TX/RX P and ensure that option 2 is activated (LED of patch select button 2 solidly lit).

Patches are numbered sequentially from 0-127:

Bank A1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 0-7
Bank B1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 8-15
Bank C1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 16-23
Bank D1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 24-31
Bank E1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 32-39
Bank F1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 40-47
Bank G1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 48-55
Bank H1, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 56-63

Bank A2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 64-71
Bank B2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 72-79
Bank C2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 80-87
Bank D2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 88-95
Bank E2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 96-103
Bank F2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 104-111
Bank G2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 112-119
Bank H2, patch 1-8 = Program Change message 120-127

So patch number 3 of bank A2 would correspond to Program Change message 66.

Please note that the currently selected bank will not change after a Program Change message was received. As a result you may not see a lit patch select button LED if the current patch is located in a bank that differs from the one that was last selected via the Super 6’s front panel controls. This behaviour is due to be changed.

Kind regards,