Midi programme change via Ableton

Love, love, love the synth (except please, fix the tempo on the lower layer at least! The rest can wait for the poor S6 users to be looked after).

I want to be able to select the patch and struggling a bit with how bank and patch translate. Anyone worked it out? I’d imagined that patch B1 would be bank 17 and patch 1? Doesn’t seem to be!

Performances are number Group A Bank A 0-7 B 8-15 up to Group B bank H 120-127. The synth supports “performance change” rather than “patch change” as of today. Midi bank is always the first bank 0.

To work it out it’s;
Group 0-1 * 64
Bank 0-7(A-H) * 8
Patch 0-7(P1-P8)

So “Group B, A-1” is

1 *64 + 0 *8 + 0 = 64

It’s a bit “old school” but conceptually simple and flexible when you get your head around it!

Paul Hartnolls orbital live rig is a masterclass in Midi sequencing and program change messages. I watched him show me how the Gemini and other instruments are sent PC messages on the fly and configure as the songs play it was very fascinating