Usb midi arp setup

Just installed the latest patch and setting up a replacement super 6 in my daw and having trouble.

Midi is all set up over USB, all my devices control the S6 and the S6 playsback midi but I want my daw to control the arp tempo and from trying to set up from the manual, it’s either it plays but the daw doesn’t control the tempo or nothing plays.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


I am assuming you have the S6 set to external sync? Think it is Shift-Sync/External Clock button and then the 2 patch button.

Hey, so I’m getting some more time tonight, setting it to patch 2 for the ext clock gives me no sound at all but I’m able
To control the tempo at least now from the daw.

I’ve just went to rerecord some midi bass tracks I done with a vst but my S6 won’t play the 1/8 1/16 bass notes unless the arp button on the s6 is on, with it off the notes come and go. With arp on it plays fine with or without the external clock button on.

I also use a push when recording and the repeat function to quickly do synthwave basses and I can only use that if arp on the S6 is on. I usually use that for basslines as it means I don’t have to rely on a synth midi clock and I can just play the notes myself, I’m sure on my last unit on the previous firmware I could just use the repeat function on push with arp on the S6 off

I have none of the patch 1-3 on with the ext clock as It basically doesn’t play anything or it’s playing sounds at random.

If I need to have the arp function on to do what I’m trying to do that’s fine, just find it weird that it won’t play 1/16 notes unless the arp is on, I can play them manually but who has that kind of rhythm lol

and it continues, moving faders like the cutoff is causing the sound to cut in and out on this. I’ve not got something set up right but can’t figure it out.

The S6 not playing the arp when the sync is on (and Patch button 2) is actually normal, as when the sync is on it needs a sync input. In other words using it with my DAW in that mode I will only hear the arp if I play the keyboard while the DAW is playing (and thus actively sending the sync signal). If the DAW is not playing back then no sound will come from the S6 when playing its keyboard. Note that this is only with arms, if you have a non-arp sounds you will hear it regardless of what the DAW is doing as it is not waiting for a sync signal.

so I reset the synth to overwrite anything I’ve changed, switched back to just midi cables and I’ve got it doing what I want but it seems overly complicated.

Why can’t I just turn all arp and sequence stuff off and have the synth play 1/16th midi notes?
It’s how I do it with my other synths, hardware and vst.

I’ve now got to have the arp on the synth on, an arp plugin running in Ableton then automation to change between 1/8 and 1/16 on the plugin. I just want to draw in some notes and have it play them.

You should be able to do that if I understand correctly. You should contact support to get it sorted out.

Yeah sent over an email last night so just waiting to see now, cheers.

Update, back and fourth with support and if I shorten the notes slightly the rolling bass lines plays, no issue with my other devices. Said they will look into it.