Can’t get arp or sequencer to tempo sync to daw

I’ve had no luck getting things tempo synced my other gear syncs fine with the same mid port/ cable. Maybe I am missing something? I hit the shift key and then the sync button yet can’t get it to work for some reason

i can get clock sync of sorts (it’s not wonderful from the DAW) but no stop start - although i think i need to try this again with the latest firware as i believe it was included “Also: With the next firmware release, the step sequencer will reset any time a MIDI start command is being received.”

the same settings work pretty much perfectly with the synthstom deluge as the master clock and stop/start - also via the same DIN - again, i only tried this with the latest firware so will go back and check my first point v soon.

its worth noting where 1:1 clock division is on the dial on the S6… its not top centre - it’s about 2 o’clock.

dont have your usb and midi din plugged in at the same time… it gets a bit confused i find.

hope that helps somewhat?

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  1. On your Super 6 press the SHIFT button and then the EXT CLK button.
  2. Double-check if the LEDs of patch buttons 2 and 3 are solidly lit.
  3. If the LEDs of patch buttons 2 and 3 are blinking, MIDI clock signals (2) and MIDI start/stop commands (3) won’t be received. To enable both options, press patch buttons 2 and 3. The according >LEDs will then be solidly lit.
  4. In Ableton Live, select the Link/MIDI tab under Preferences .
  5. Under MIDI Ports activate the option Track for the input of the MIDI device your Super 6 is connected to.
  6. For the output of the MIDI device your Super 6 is connected to activate the options Track , Sync , and Remote .
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