Reset sequence once start/stop MIDI happens?

Is there a way to automatically reset the sequencer once start/stop MIDI happens?

At the moment whenever I stop and start Ableton, the sequencer starts where it last stopped, how can I make the S6’s sequencer restart the sequence every time I start Ableton?

Oh dear - I just started a new topic with this question. The fact no-one relied to you makes me think that the answer is no…

Did you find anything out?

Yup, as far as I know, this is a bug. My work around is to press play in Ableton and then click ‘on’ when the first beat comes around, and it seems to sync it up pretty easily. But it definitely should stop and start along with the daw

Anyone know how to set the sequencer so it always starts at the beginning when I press play on Pro Tools?

I’m synced up ok, midi clock receiving, midi start/stop receiving, When I press play the seq starts wherever it left off. Is there a way of making it reset every time?

I also have this issue in Ableton. My work around has been to hit play and if it’s off sync press on (to stop the sequence) and then press on with the first beat, and it seems to sync it up that way even if I’m a little off. It would be good to have it just reset with the daw however

I can help you with an answere as my doesn’t seem to sync well at all with midi from Ableton … the timing is all over the shop . I emailed support and they admitted it’s something they are working on .
I’m having to use Arps and sequencers in Ableton or my keystep …
Still kind of in some disbelief how a top line synth can have so many bugs … but hey I’m sure there is a story …
it would be nice to know what progress the UDO team are making with the list of bugs , just to give us some faith that it’s is being looked at …

It’s a small company, but based on the updates to the firmware so far I think it’s safe to assume anything major like midi issues will be fixed asap. It sounds like they have plans to add a few more functions for us too (like the drift feature they added). I have faith this stuff will all be worked out.

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Hi everybody,

We are aware of the described issues and document them along with instructions on how to reproduce them on our bug list as well as we do systematically organise feature requests.

Apart from having overhauled how the voices are being handled, we are currently working on a firmware release that’s going to make the Super 6 a much better team player in the studio, which also includes full MIDI control and USB MIDI. However, at this point I can’t provide you with an ETA yet, but rest assured that it’s definitely going to happen.

Also: With the next firmware release, the step sequencer will reset any time a MIDI start command is being received.

Thank you for your patience.


Can you clarify what you mean by “an overhaul of how the voices are being handled”. Does that have to do with how there’s some phasing even when binaural is off?? Thanks!

Good to know about the coming update!

Yes! Brilliant news UDO! Can’t wait for the sequencer update.

I can’t go into too many details at this point. It’s basically lots of under the hood stuff that won’t be as noticeable as if a new feature was added. The according refinement of code will affect how the voices are being handled internally and also how they will respond to incoming MIDI note messages.


Love this, thank you for the update and take care :slight_smile: