Trying to get 1/16 running bassline via tempo sync

and it’s really frustrating. I followed the directions here.

I hold 1 note each bar: The synth starts on tempo in sync with metronome, stops, then alternates with the metronome, then gets back on tempo in sync with the metronome.

I have no midi being sent from the synth to the DAW, only from the DAW to the synth, to make ensure it’s not dropping notes, and I still can’t get this to work.

This is my first synthesizer, so am I doing something wrong? or is it a bug?

Hi, yes the synchro has bugs, normally it will be fixed with the firmware which arrives at the same time as the release of the desktop version, but if you want more workflow sensation you can use arturia keystep 37, your daw midi out to midi in keystep 37, keystep 37 midi out with soft thru actived to midi in super 6, after you can have an arpeggio, sequence with or without chords, synchro and all the keyboard of super 6 for play solo and chords, very good feeling, i tested…

Is it confirmed that the firmware update will be with that release? I can’t find a firm release date for the super 6 desktop, so I’m assuming they haven’t shared that information yet.

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Yes George Hearn said in autumn and the patches s6 / s6d are compatible.(in a superbooth interview)

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thank you. I don’t have any extra hardware though, so I’ll just have to wait until the firmware update