Any way of telling your tempo?

Obviously no screen on the synth, so how do you know what tempo/BPM you are at?

I want to match the DAW tempo to the synth tempo (don’t want to change the synth tempo)

Also the arpeggiator don’t spit out notes into the DAW. Will that be fixed? Or am I doing something wrong?

Ears only right now.

Send MIDI clock out from synth to DAW?

Lots still unimplemented in the firmware, unfortunately, we are all awaiting im/patiently…

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Would this change my DAWs tempo to the synth tempo? How do you do that?

Sorry I am bad with technical side of things but have always stumbled along. With synths with screens I simply manually match the tempo in the DAW but not but that option here.

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Got it after some fiddling.

So the Ableton EXT tempo says the Super 6 is running at 66.12 BPM and it fluctuates a little. Is this normal? - just curious.

Should it not go up in whole numbers? 66, 67, 68 BPM etc. I turned off EXT and manually set Ableton to 66.12 BPM and it seems to be in time.

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I use the opposite way, use an AKAI MPC to generate a central MIDI/CV clock signal to have the Super6 and my modular synths run in sync.
Runs fine if you ignore the fact that the Super6 is too stupid to detect if there is no MODI clock and switch to it’s own in that case (what all other hardware does).