Accidental Discovery of Flight Case for Super 6

I’ve been looking for a flight case for the Super 6 desktop for months…I’ve had it mounted above my Iridium desktop for some time and today it occurred to me that, duh, these two are the same size. I pulled out the case for the Iridium from Analogue Cases and, lo and behold, it fits right in there! (Pretty much…the Super 6 is just ever so slightly wider and thicker). One could shave off just a tiny bit of the foam on the sides to fit perfectly; then, the foam on the lid is just slightly pressing on the controls. The lid foam could probably be swapped out with a thinner sheet and it would be all fine. Regardless, Analogue Cases could, no doubt, make a case for the Super 6 with only a modest modification to the manufacture of the Waldorf case (I will note this to them via email).


I emailed Analogue Cases about the near fit; they responded saying they would look into offering a case for the Super 6.

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Thanks for posting! I needed one this is very helpful! Cheers