Ambient/Cinematic Song w/S6 sequence

I got a Moog One in last week, and when I was getting it set up I wanted to make sure it was in tune. I figured a default patch on the Super6 would be in perfect tune what with the FPGA oscillators and all, so I put on hold and played some octaves. I had been doing some sound design on both the Moog and the S6 earlier, so once I confirmed I was happy with the tuning on the Moog, I layered up those new sounds and pretty much immediately got this. Super6 plays the sequence throughout the song, I added filter movement with another filter in my DAW (the S6 filter is tied up keytracking the sound) just to give some color change throughout the song, and then I added some reverb to get it into the same space as the Moog.


This is otherworldly I love it!