Connecting Super 6 and Cirklon via USB

I am attempting to connect Super 6 to Cirklon via USB. Cirklon sees Super 6 as a USB storage device. I am hoping to speak with someone who has coped with this! :rainbow: :pray:

Hi, Super 6 is a USB composite device with mass storage class and midi device class. Please check how Cirklon handles composite devices and if Cirklon doesn’t support then I think it will have DIN MIDI to connect


Yeah, when plugging the S6 in to the Cirklon, it reads “USB Storage inserted” (instead of the normal “USB MIDI Connected x in, x out” message regular MIDI devices get), so looks like the Cirklon is trying to read it as a disk. Probably worth a feature request over there to be able to recognize both when both are present.

For future seekers, here is an inquiry about Super 6, Cirklon, and USB composite devices on Sequentix Forum.

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Would it make sense if the Soup presented only as a MIDI device unless booted holding down Patch? If I recall that’s what you do to make the storage device properly accessible and you can write to it. Dunno if that’s right as I don’t do it much, just when I want to send some waveforms.