What sequencers are you using with your Super 6?

What are you using to sequence the Super 6? Cirklon ? Squarp Pyramid ?

I am using a Pyramid myself. I may get a Hapax in the future.

I am using a Keystep Pro and it works well for my needs. It’s nice being able to visualise what is happening per step and have other performance functionality to quickly map out ideas.

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FL Studio. Most often my hands.

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The internal sequencer, Ableton, or this software sequencer: Stepic.

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Sequentix P3 (precursor of the Cirklon)

Will use my Cirklon v2

Drambo. It’s unrivaled for me

Just the built in one so far.

I have a P3 also and a S6 desktop on the way. How did you go about setting up this combo?

Quite simply, Just a midi cable will do nice in a simple dawless environment ie one where the p3 does all the sequencing. However this is a rather restricting environment as p3 ain’t good for other things than step / conditional / accumulator-based sequencing.
in a more complex set up where you want to use daw or another hardware as a midi sequencer too (eg an mpc or an octatrack) , it’s good to consider a proper midi interface like motu express where you can configure pass-thrus etc
I have a motu express and erm multiclock to sync the dawless environment together with the daw on my pc
The erm sends a clock to the motu and the p3 which then multiplex it to all its outputs. One of which goes to the s6.
The p3 also has its midi input link to the erm
And outputs to the motu
Took me some time to sketch the midi routing between the erm the motu and the p3 (and the octatrack) but I found here a solution which allows to work in either a dawless or a daw centric setup without involving any physical re wiring

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Started with the Squarp Pyramid and then upgraded to the Hapax when it came out. Then, I got a Korg SQ-64 for free with an ARP2600M. I’ve used all those plus a variety of DAWs with mine. Of the lot, the Hapax is my favorite by far.

Hi ,
Hapax currently for me, have tried a few others but not really ‘gelled’ with them - but finding the Hapax easy to generate 'patterns/seq’s that are pleasing.

I’m using my Syntakt to sequence the Super 6, which works really well. I haven’t even tried the internal sequencer yet (and I’m not sure I ever will).

I am using an AKAI MPC X, directly via MIDI, as well as Ableton by Proxy, a bit limited, but it all works.

I am having a great time using Ableton’s MPE functions in the sequencer for bends and poly aftertouch. It takes a moment to get the mechanics down but its smooth to work with after that.

No longer using a DAW, dug out my old MPC2500 (with JJOS) and it feels like I’m actually enjoying myself again and not just sat staring at a screen.