Dial E for Enceladus

Hi folks,
As some of you might know I do quite a bit of ambient music and have done a new track lately. It’s on my Bandcamp page over here

Features an S6 for the main pad sound : it’s a high pitched pad sound which makes use of the DDS2- modulated filter to achieve some shine. A late night chord progression was played live after I created this pad sound and sounded good enough to form the basis of the piece.
Meanwhile a Waldorf Microwave enters and takes the melody with more than a Vangelis influence. Bass comes from a Macbeth M3x. Ice crackles are added through the main part of the song, and are processed through an octatrack to glitch them out slightly.

So not technically a whole S6-only demo but the S6 has one of the highlights of this piece.

Hope you will like it.
Think of it as a late night thing !


Nice! Really great sounds. S6 can cover a lot of territory :+1:

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