UDO Super 6 Demo

Hi everyone,

I have owned the S6 for a few months now, really love it’s sound and how fun it is to play. I made a demo with it, my first time recording it. The drums are Goldbaby samples but everything else is the S6. The demo is an old school Hip Hop / Electro type of song, and I tried to use the S6’s noise osc and filter at the beginning and end of the song to imitate record scratching with mixed results: Stream UDO Super 6 Demo by dB Cooper | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


Thanks for sharing this with us!

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another demo, tried to work out filter modulation and the binaural element :musical_keyboard: :metal:

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another demo, used a different synth for the bass but used the S6 for some ambient chords and sequences.

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