First tune using the Super 6

Just made my first tune using the UDO Super 6 and the Behringer Crave.
The Crave does the simple bass line and the sequencer “pluck” with delay.
All the rest comes from the Super 6.
Fist time I have done a lot of tweaks with the sound as I record due to the simplicty of changing things on the Super 6. Awesome instrument.


It’s doing the drums as well?

I got a great kick from my S6, haven’t tried snares or hats yet though.

Drums is samples, sorry if I wasn´t clear.

Most synth sounds is Super 6.

First time in years I actually alter sounds. Usually just go with the presets.


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Hello everyone!

Here is my first jam with this little monster!

Hope you like it :slightly_smiling_face: