Disable aftertouch on default patch

Feel like I am spamming the forum these days. I love S6 so much. I love how fast I can dial in whatever I want. However, There is just one gripe with this, and that is pre-mapped aftertouch to the DDS 1/2 pitch and VCF frequency. Now I realise I can just lower the DDS and VCF sliders in the performance section, but then I cannot use the bend for pitch or VCF modulation. Is there a way to remove aftertouch mapping to the performance panel? I did try to go into the mod matrix and press AT button and performance sliders, trying to see if this is set to certain mod value, but it is not.
Help would be appreciated.

Just switch the toggle left of mod section to “TRIG” (bottom position) to disable aftertouch but leave modwheel active on any patch. You can also change the init_patch_yourname.s6 file to any preferred init patch (see FAQ). Enjoy!

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Cheers mate! I should’ve explained this though, I forgot - so, I am aware you can do this, but then LFO2 is triggered only on aftertouch. I am not aware of the way to “decouple” these two functions, AT and LFO2. I would like init patch to allow me to have free running LFO 2 AND no AT assigned to cutoff and DDS1/2 pitch. Can you please suggest how this can be done?
Thanks again!