Dual Freeze pedal issues

In Single mode, the dual freeze pedal works as expected, with each of the two pedals controlling freeze mode individually per layer. Of course you only hear the selected layer.

In Split mode, only one - and the same - pedal works for both the upper and lower layer.

In Dual mode, both pedals control both the upper and lower layer.

I also had a situation where the freezing of one layer prevented the delay of the other layer to work.

@klontart Dual mode behaviour as highlighted is as expected, however split mode delay freeze with dual pedals does indeed work as you describe and this is not what I’d expect. A reminder we do not offer technical support via the forum. Please can you contact support@udo-audio.com, Mike can help you with your setup and if there is something we need to push into development we can log it and act on it quickly.

Ah, didn’t realise these kind of issues should go somewhere else. Understood.

Confirming that I have the same issue here.

Single mode, lower layer selected: left pedal works, right does not. Pedal freezes lower layer

Single mode, upper layer selected: right pedal works, left does not. Pedal freezes upper layer.

Split mode: right pedal freezes both layers. Left pedal does nothing.

Dual mode: both pedals freeze both layers