Freeze Delay/Sustain Pedal

I’m a bit lost with the Freeze Delay function, am I right in thinking that inserting the sustain pedal only partially (one click) into the sustain input will activate the freeze delay?

I cannot get it to activate, I have experienced on few times where the sustain pedal has been partially in and it completely shuts off the delay altogether, where non of the knobs seem to respond.

For reference, I am using this sustain pedal.

To me it sort of feels like 2 clicks.

The goal is to have the tip of the sustain plug making contact with the ring of the sustain jack, so halfway plugged in.

Try plugging in all the way, and the moving one click out.

Or, if you have a TRS to 2x TS splitter, connect the pedal you want to control delay freeze to the ring jack.

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Hmm, still getting issues. It freezes randomly and then gets stuck.

Would this splitter do the job?

That splitter seems like it would be correct. I have a hosa one that labels the tip and ring that I use for tons of things.

Are you plugging the jack in or moving it between full and half plugged in while the synth is on? It will detect whats plugged in at boot, so plug it in, THEN turn on.

What I’m doing at the moment is moving between full and half then turning the synth on, should that be right?

this Hosa cable, right?

Thats the cable.

Yes, plug it into either all the way in or halfway in before boot and leave it in the same position.

Depending on the pedal being normally closed or normally open, moving between the 2 would trigger sustain or delay freeze when the pedal is not pressed, or not even in that position.

To piggyback off this question, what sort of signal is the delay freeze looking for? I went through a lockdown phase of making effects pedals and was wondering if I could wire something up to control the delay freeze

Update - Purchased this splitter and still no freeze function. I’m very certain the pedal is fine as the hold function works, but no freeze function, even with the splitter. No idea what to do really as now it’s just not working.