Expression pedal alternative (mainly to use freeze function)?

I went on a search for some expression pedal alternatives (basically an expression knob, instead of a pedal) and I found a few things:

Do you guys have any recommendations?

Also, I’m not keen on CV etc. Would I just use another TS cable to connect something like an expression knob? (Edit: found answer in the manual)
Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 4.33.18 AM

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A 10k potentiometer wired between tip-ring(wiper)-ground would work.

Keep in mind pedals generally don’t use the full range of the pot.

Delay freeze is actually a switch on the ring terminal of the sustain pedal jack. For this anything will work including two bits of tin foil!

Remember sustain/delay pedal self calibrates for polarity on boot

Happy exploring!

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Thank you for this response.

I will try using a TRS cable to connect my Zoia control output to the Super 6 expression input!