Expression pedal

Hi there!

I am using an expression pedal on my super6 and have to say: This is a great extension for this synth!

Now the mod source 6 (expr.pedal) can be unlocked and allows to keep hands free for other things.

Beside, a number of the preset patches allready make use of mod-source 6, and sound even better using an expression pedal!


Yes, I’ve been doing this since I first got it in July, with a Moog expression pedal. It ABOSLUTELY opens things up. A lot of my patches use it. Brilliant that they added it as a mod source.

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Hm, I can’t get my expression pedal work. Something is odd. Tried TS and TRS cables but no luck.

There seems to be not really an established standard for TRS pedal wiring.
Your pedal shoud be connected via TRS, T (tip = pedel position in) should be connected to the pedal slider, R (ring = 5V out) to the hot end of the pedal poti, S is ground… and the pedal should deliver 0V if open, nearly 5V (ring voltage) if fully pressed.

I got a M-Audio pedal that has a switch on the button with the positions “M-AUDIO <-> OTHER”.
This works only correct in the M-AUDIO position (in OTHER T & R of the TRS-connector are interchanged).
And my pedal has another poti on the side to adjust the out voltage if fully open … has to be in minimum position to work best.
Hope this helps. :wink:

This is very helpful. Many thanks! I got a Behringer FC600 V2 pedal. It is really not much more than a potentiometer. It got no tuning options as far as I know. Maybe I need to buy a more serious one…

This has a POLARITY switch and a MIN VOL knob with exactly the same functionality.
Just connect it with a TRS-cable to the Super6 (using the EXP connector of the pedal), put the MIN VOL knob to minimum and then try in which position of POLARITY it works.