Expression Pedal only does positive values in mod matrix?

I noticed the effect of Expression Pedal in the mod matrix has a rectified positive unipolar behaviour? You can add to a parameter, but not subtract, When you dial in negative amounts (into the white zone) The result is the same as when you dial into the black zone.

This is a very annoying bug since there’s a lot of patches where i want the pedal to make one parameter go up, and another down, eg. the DDS1 detune amount goes down and Filter cutoff goes up.

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@DDS please can you look into this. Pedal is positive only but we should be able to apply negative modulation from it.

@Black_Materia can you try getting the pedal to close the VCF please and let us know

So i tested again today, it works fine.

I think i had a patch where the pedal was modulating both lfo speed and detune in opposite directions, so when the pw went down fully, pwm went up to max, and since lfo was doing audiorate, they seemed to cancel each other out sonically.

I do apologise, this was fully a user error!

Feel free to delete this thread, thanks