Expression Pedal as Mod Wheel?

Does anyone know if you can assign the CV/Exp pedal to replace the vertical mod stick? This would come in handy while pitch-bending and applying amounts of LFO 2 at the same time. (I tried to assign through the mod matrix, but no dice)

I know you can control amounts of LFO 1 with the pedal, but still! If the Exp → Mod stick replacement isn’t possible, I would really appreciate the feature down the line.

As far as i know, the pitch bender and the 4 sliders in the “perfomance pad” area (above the pitch bender) are not usable as MOD MATRIX targets with the current firmware.
So you can control VCF FREQ directly from PED/CV via MOD ASSIGN, but you cannot control the LFO2 modulation depth to VCF or DDS1 and/or DDS2 pitch on that way.

If this is important to you, you should open a feature request via UDO support.

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There was, maybe still is, a MIDI pedal, that can be set to send any cc number, of which MOD is cc 0. It’s an expensive work-around. I play my Super6 from an 88 noted weighted stage piano with its own MOD and Pitch wheels, and never touch the Super6 keyboard.