Transposing Oscillators with Pedal/CV Mod

Firstly, yes I am aware of the bender wheel but this always reverts to a default value. You can’t set it like a normal mod wheel.

The only way I have figured out how to do this is by mapping Pedal/CV to Env1 Sustain and then adjusting Env1 to DDS Modulator. Env1 Attack, Decay and Release all need to be set at zero or you get gliding. The downsides to this is A: upon release of the key, it reverts to the original pitch (unless Env2 Release is set to zero, but then you sacrifice long tails) and B: you get audible clicking due to the short attack/decay of Env1.

My workaround works well enough and you can tune the oscillators to your desired pitch/octave but perhaps someone else has a better technique for this?