Expression Pedal Recommendation Wanted


Can anyone recommend an expression pedal that works well (100% range) with the Super 6?

I tried a M-Audio EX-P but according to my midi monitor it only controls values between 85 and 127 but not the full range.


Hello there,

I recommend the Moog EP-3 Expression pedal, I have it and it works perfectly with the S6.

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Same, I use the Moog one with no probs.

EP3 here as well :slight_smile:

I’m the odd one out using an Ernie Ball VP Jr pedal. It’s a volume pedal meant for guitar mainly, but it works perfectly with my Super 6 and it gives me the full range.
I didn’t buy it for this purpose, but I had it laying around since ages ago and figured I’d try it.

The M-Audio pedal works fine for me.
What you should know: it has a little knob on the left side where you can adjust the lower value of its range.
Not very practical or useful but should help in this case.

I learned to take care about this last week when my Super6 sounded completely different in some presets … after I cleaned the dust under my rack and between the pedals. Was exactly this problem, accidentally turned this knob.