S6 expression pedal

Does anyone have experience using a Moog Ep-3 with the S6?

Using the mod matrix I can assign the exp source to the resonance destination and get an effect, but using the direct assignment method I can’t seem to get the pedal to modulate filter cutoff. When holding the assign button for exp/cv the locking scroll of leds just seems to kinda glitch dance around on the right patch buttons. Can exp not be routed to the VCF? Is there a list of what modulations are and arnt “valid”

Apologies if this is a silly question. The EP-3 doesn’t have a manual and the S6 manual section on this basically just says plug it in.

Thank you!

Video of the LED behavior

Tried again today and it seems to be working as expected. I can set up direct mappings with the expression source and got the filter going, no more dancing lights for now. So I guess my S6 was just being buggy last night?