Using the Yamaha FC7 Expression pedal

Can anyone get a full range on their expression pedal? I have assigned it to filter freq but cannot get the full sweeping range on the actual pedal, I go from about 0 - 20% and it’s already a full sweep on the pedal, I cannot find anywhere in the manual to adjust this.

Any idea how I can get 100% expression? Is this the wrong type of expression pedal?

I wondered about this too, as my Yamaha half pedaling damper pedal is not compatible with my UDO Super-6. As the manual says the socket is compatible with CV, it might be helpful to see how connection to a tip-ring-sleeve jack plug should be made and at what voltage, when inputing CV. I’m not prepared to “tinker” in case I short out or damage my Super-6.

In general, the correct polarity (a TRS connector) as well as the potentiometer resistance play a role for proper functionality.

I looked up the specs for the Yamaha FC-7. Its polarity is correct, but the problem might be caused by a logarithmic (instead of a linear) potentiometer. Beyond that, it operates at a resistance of 50K ohm, which won’t cause a problem, as the Moog EP-3 operates with the same resistance and the latter one works just fine with the Super 6.