The ultimate after effect device for your Super6

Recently i noticed this review of the Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer

… and thought, that this could be a good complement to the Super6.

Any other ideas or suggestions (that do not exceed the price of the Super6 itself)?


Personally, I was thinking of getting the Strymon Nightsky, but I’m new to pedals and I like this one you’ve shared too.

I have gotten the Boss MD and RV-500 pedals in the past few months. I’ve been playing all my synths through them, Super6 included, and they can add something nice if you know the effects and can set them up to complement your sound/playing. That, I’m still figuring out, but those pedals in combination with the Super6 have led to some inspiring moments that started songs for me.

I’m considering the H9 as well for some less standard effects and delays (I already have an analog delay in my Matrixbrute and the digital delay in both the Super6 and the RV-500, so I’m not eager to just get the DD-500 to do delays). The one problem everybody I know who has an H9 mentions is that you only have one effect at a time to work with. For the price of an H9 Max, you can get both the pedals I have, and then run modulation effects into delay and reverb. The H9 sounds great, but you only get one effect at a time. I am considering getting a core and then just buying the algorithms I want to make it cheaper. I think Eventide also does an upgrade plan where once you buy enough algorithms you get them all, so you could spread the cost of a Max unit out over time if you wanted.

Anyways, there are tons of pedal brands out there that do good stuff in the price range between the Boss 200/500 series and an Eventide H9. You could check out Strymon, as already mentioned. There’s also Empress (up to and including the Zoia if you want to try something different), Source Audio, Seymour Duncan, Electro-Harmonix, and many more.

And of course, there’s the venerable Zoom MS-70CDR, which can do many, many effects for very cheap. It could be a good starting spot to figure out what effects you like with the Super6, and then you could go after just one really good reverb pedal (if that’s what you find you want).

Another option completely separate from pedals is to go for an old rackmount effects unit. The market varies here, but I’ve seen old Behringer,TC, and Lexicon boxes for under $500 USD (and much less) used. They aren’t the newest or best effects, but they can be more than enough if you just want them to liven up your Super6 a bit.

Having said all that, the cheapest option, assuming you already have a good interface and a DAW with plugins, is to just play your synth through your DAW in the lowest latency you can get, and kill your direct feed so you only hear the audio from your DAW and don’t get phasing issues. All of the above are valid options.

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Sounds interesting too, especially if you fear the “option paralysis” of a device like the H9 (mostly resulting in a longer decision process, not allways in better results).

I heared, but this is kind of half of the truth.
The H9 can only run one algorithm at once, but each algorithm can combine various effects in quiet complex combinations (at 6:45 of the linked video this is explained).
So if one claims the lack of effect combinations, he simply didn’t find the right algorithm with this combination (or was to miserly to buy the MAX version).
On the other side … too many parallel effects mash up the sound and we allready got a buildtin delay and chorus in the Super6, so the idea of having a list of well defined “algorithms” seems to me really handsome.

If one preferres the option to build his own combination of virtual pedals, a Headrush Gigboard seems to be another interesting device.

If one preferres a more physical representation of have several pedals in one, the TC Electronic Plethora X5 looks quiet interesting too.

So, after having said this, i realize, that the “option paralysis” even starts here by selecting the right thing with the right options. :crazy_face:

I allready got a “Ultra-high quality KLARK TEKNIK FX processor with 100 presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects” buildt in my Behringer mixer (for a price difference of less than 10€ compared to the model without buildtin effects).
I think, this is by far the cheapest option. :sweat_smile:
There are some issues, but for simply “to liven up the Super6” this is just OK (but in fact, lots of the sounds i made within the last weeks using phase shifted modulations in combination with the buildtin delay don’t get better with this :sunglasses: ).
But even the buildt in effect section of my Kawai ES-920 is more versatile (via menu diving / parameter tuning) and sounds more realistic for the effects it has.

But the Behringer FX brings me to the point not willing to pay some hundreds of Euros for another “simple” delay/reverb with some more flexibility and a solid body, if there is no real add on feature.

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Do you guys have any good phaser pedal recommendations? if they have a reverb function on them, that would be a bonus, but I can just use my DAW for reverb if I dont get a pedal for it.

Re: phaser hard to go wrong with
-Moog MF103
-Mutron Biphase or clones (lots of $ though)
-Roland sbf 325 for that UR Detroit ca. 1995 vibe

Didn’t know that they have a placebo effect too (correlating with the price) :clown_face: :rofl:

Nah, first time I heard the MF103 I was in love. I’ve used a lot of phasers and every time I hear that one it just does what I want all my other phasers to do. But I don’t use phasers quite enough to justify that. IDK, maybe if I don’t get an H9.

I haven’t got the phaser sound I want out of the MD-500 yet, but I’ve only had it a week, so still learning that one.

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loopop heard me … so now we have the next option to think about…

I don’t how to take that sir but I sense sarcasm and a bit of agressive tone here.
Maybe you have never used any of those, point is I am lucky to have owned or used them, on a few records. I am old enough to remember the mid 90s when biphase and sbf were going for cheap in pawn shops, and they sounded good at that time. Later on the Moogerfooger 103 was not overpriced when they were first released. so much for the placebo.

Question was about good sounding phasers and I just gave my honest opinion.
If question was about cheap phasers then I have a different answer. Any plugin will do.

Next time I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Good day all

Oh, come on, I thought it was a “knee slapper”! An effect device with buildt in placebo effect is too funny. :clown_face:
I remember times (in the late 70s long before Internet) when people laughed about jokes instead of assuming agressivity. :nerd_face:

To be honest: I’m sure that the MF-103 was state of the art when it came out, was surely worth it’s money, is a really solid piece of craftsmanship and still sounds really good, but …
Currently the only offer here in Germany i found was for 3.195,35€ … even for a collectors vintage item really overpriced … would i say.
It took me much more time to find a shop that showed a historic price of around 360,00€ when it was listed out. Seems to have been fair … years ago… if one likes to have huge bricks with separate functions under his table.
But even if i could get one for a reasonable price, i wouldn’t buy it, because space in and under my rig is the most limiting resource … for me!

This … and the fact, that i really appreciate the add on features and options of modern, currently state of the art devices, makes me look for something really different.

I see no reason for doing so (even if my comment would have been no joke).
All i write is nothing else than my personal oppinion and even if i opened this thread, the intention is to share oppionions on that topic from everybody for everybody… and there might be others, who have other priorities.
So, please go on … and please read my comment with a little more goodwill and courtesy. :+1:

Peace, love and good vibes! :partying_face:

Hello, ModWarf it’s a good surprise in a small box, the price is little high (499 euros) for those who have no money there is Zoom Ms70cdr, it’s a pedal stereo multi effects with several effects can be chained (the price is 99 euros!

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Money is not my limiting factor, as long as there is value for money.
And for just having some add on effects the Zoom would be really nice, but…

The whole signal path goes through that pedal, is converted (and bandwidth limited) by it’s ADC, processing and DAC
And the Zoom devices have only 44,1 kHz IO sampling rate.
MOD DWARF or MOD Duo X use 48 kHz.
Headrush Gigboard falls out of the list, only mono input.
The Eventide H9 manufacturer hides behind a marketing slogan like:
“Because there is no digital I/O the sample rate is optimized for maximum audio performance for each effect and is program dependent.” … what is a lie because the whole box is digital.
In their forum they said even lower numbers than the Zoom.
To be honest, for my older ears this makes probably not that big difference (maybe no difference at all), but i do not waste that much money for an FPGA based synth with no reasonable bandwith limit to cut of half of the overtones (or catch in aliasing) in a cheap effect pedal.

With this bandwidth issue and the need of a stereo input in mind, the Strymon Nightsky (at 465€) or the Line6 HX Stomp (at 569€) or the BOSS GT-1000 Core (at around 609€) seem to be the “entry level”.

The only issue i have with the Nightsky: It’s blue … and i got the black Super6. :clown_face:

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this is why I was hesitant to purchase a Zoom.

Right now I’m checking out the MOD DWARF

I really do want a stereo phaser + reverb pedal, but it’s hard to find this combination and when I do, I don’t like how they sound on multiFX pedals. I really don’t want to buy two separate pedals if I can help it.

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You might want to check out the Source Audio, Ventris reverb pedal. It has multiple reverb ‘engines’ (that sound great - the Super6 loves reverb!), has 24bit/ 96 kHz ADC and most importantly… matches the colour of your Super6 :). (well, almost).

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I´m very fond of my reverb unit BAM from OTO. Its simple to operate and has a really nice sound using its filter and chorus. Sometime in the future I´d like to expand with BOUM (distortion/compressor) and BIM (delay).


here is my rack of “placebo” effects :slight_smile:

  • Roland SRE-555 space echo (a 501 space echo in a rack)
  • Dynacord VRS-23 BBD delay (it says “Made in West Germany” only for that it’s a keeper)
  • Dynacord TAM-19 BBD flanger and chorus
  • MoogerFooger MF103 12 stage phaser (cheap , from pre- Moog brand re-acquisition)
  • MoogerFooger MF102 ring mod
  • Ensoniq DP4 allrounder which I like for reverbs
  • Klark Teknik BBD-320 , replica of the Roland Dimension-D
  • PowerTran Digital Delay Line (digital echo, sounds very harsh , in a good way)

all of these might not work well with the super6 (thinking of the Klark Teknik in particular , for a good reason) but this is the outboard I like to have in any out-of-the-box recording I do.


I have one of these (H9 max) with the super 6 going through via a mixing desk fx loop.

It’s a fantastic pedal!

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Thanks for your contribution! :+1:
I’m sure, in this configuration the H9 Max fits perfectly.

The advantage of this configuration is:

  • flexible usage with all instruments / sound sources
  • eventual bandwidth limits only apply to the effects, not to the instrument sound itself, because the effects are mixed in parallel

The last advantage brings one disadvantage:

  • you can’t use subtractive effects.

Maybe this is for most just a theoretical thing, but if you want to apply e.g. some additional notch filtering to mimic Oberheim sounds, this can be a limit.

Looking forward to read (or hear) your experience :+1: (while sitting on my fingers to hold back my conclusion after thinking about the loopop video :crazy_face: ).

This looks to me really great, not only because of the color. :clown_face:
The way this (and the Strymon Nightsky) is made matches (to my point of view) fits much more the “hands on experience” of the Super6, more than the others.

Found a funny and informative demo video,

These two guys are brilliant!
At 24:12 Nick Batt brings it to the point: “… so this is allmost like the effect section your synth doesn’t have” :rofl:
After that i was thinking “Shut up and take my money, thats what i wanted to hear!” :partying_face:

This demo is more impressing, but not that funny:

I think, Nick got me (like George got me with his demo in Schneidersladen). :blush: