"Catch up" mode support for Super 6? Feature idea/suggestion

Hello beautiful people! I love my Super 6 desktop, the best sounding synth ever!

I have a random feature suggestion. If you look at latest Eventide pedals (e.g. Blackhole), you’ll see they have so called “catch up” mode (when enabled), which does the following. If you turn a knob, nothing changes until the knob reaches the position it was in in currently loaded preset. They also use two LEDs to help finding that spot. On Super 6 they could be Chorus ones or Mix/AT for instance.

This allows to:

  1. find knob position it was in when the preset was created (not a big issue for Eventide specifically as they have a great computer software to see all of this, but would be very useful for Super 6);
  2. prevent sound artifacts.

Thanks, and have a great day.


This is great and we have a new knob system on the roadmap @DDS please can you log these comments in upvoty thanks