Reverb pedal for S6

Want to add a dedicated pedal like an oto bam, Mercury 7, ventris, etc… Anyone with experiences to share? I’m thinking the binaural nature of the S6 could make it difficult to find an algorithm that works well without turning the final signal to mud.

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I use an Eventide H9 Max which works very well with the S6, but might be overkill for you with all the other non-Reverb algos. I love it though, had it about 6 years and am not looking to replace it with anything else for reverbs, they are stunning.

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Same here with Bam. Similar to the S6 delay the reverb is mixed with the analog stereo signal. High and low cut filter also help clean up the reverberated signal. I find the binaural mode mid signal quite strong unless you detune the super mode or modulate the vca.

Thanks for the feedback, essentially a high quality pedal will be fine but some tweaking may be necessary with more complex S6 sounds. A verb with bass, mid, treb eq is what I’ll go for. The CXM 1978 looks sweet.

I exclusively use the Vongon Ultrasheer. Stunning. Sold the Eventide Space for it. Regret nothing

In case you didn’t notice, we allready had a thread on that question with lots of reasonable answers:

Thats the point!
And this strongly depends on what kind of music you want to make and in which role the Super6 comes in there.
I came to the conclusion, that some decent reverb is (usually) all that could make the sound of the Super6 any better. Anything more than this is mostly smearing out that wonderfull Super6 sound.

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Another vote for the CXM 1978. It sounds absolutely stunning to me on the S6.

I have a BAM and Empress reverb too, which I haven’t tried yet on the S6, but both have much less tonal control and generally do not seem to have the same level of detail to my ears.

Never heard of the Vongon Ultrasheer before. I’ll have to check that out :slight_smile:

Ever since I got the CXM 1978, it is solely hooked up to the Super 6. I love what it does to the sound.
At the end I have my UAD Card run a 480L on Cathedral setting (I can’t really remember the correct name of the preset), and what the 480L does together with the CXM is wonderful!
I can record something if you want.

I’m now considering an Elektron Analog Heat mk2 to put first.
I also put myself on the waiting list for a pair of KOT (King Of Tone), though this will take few years probably.

Final dream chain for the Super 6 =>pair of KOT’s => Analog Heat mk2 => a pair of Tonal Recall RKM (to have stereo) => CXM 1978
I’m still waiting on the Tonal Recalls and I’m ordering the Analog Heat at the end of this month.

That’s quite the signal chain! I’m going to order a CXM, bam, or golden reverb. CXM most likely. Though after watching too many reverb videos I might just sell a kidney and get a bricasti.

I long for a Bricasti!

If sweetwater ever puts an M7 on 36 or 48 mo no interest I’ll bite.