Factory Sounds

I recently got my Super6 and am somewhat disappointed by the factory patches/presets. What I heard on the net is so much better than most of the presets, being somehow kind of ordinary analog synth sounds - apart from the binaural feature.
(wonder that UDO does not give more care on them - personal opinion of course!))

So, I would be thankful for links to patches/banks with more interesting sounds, showing the uniqueness of this synth better.
Thank you!

Try these if you haven’t seen them already.


You bought extremely powerful synth that can sound like jupiter/juno, over ppg to something completely new.
You can, but dont have to buy presets. Super 6 is one of the most fun to program synths i had chance to work with recently. Can you post a few videos with the patches you like, I would be happy to show you how to create them in my videos.
Also, UDO did great job on presets, showcasing pretty much everything this synth can do. But not everything can fit in the factory bank - today I made about 6 - 7 patches that sound nothing like each other. Some sound like vintage poly, some like modern analogue, some like gnarly wave stuff.


Thank you for your kind offer! I will eventually come back to it, i.e. you. For now I will familarize with it,
it already feels kinda strange to buy sounds for this synth …

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I agree that most weren’t to my taste either. However as mentioned above I think the goal of factory presets usually is to show what’s possible. That certainly happened for me, I wouldn’t have considered using the super-6 for FM bass until I heard a preset doing that. I second that it’s an amazing synth to program your own sounds. On par with the sub-37 for me. Saving presets on the sub-37 is way more arduous though :wink:

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One of the greatest things about the Super 6 to me is that it is remarkably easy to turn a preset that doesn’t inspire you into something you really like.

As an exercise how about trying to turn the whole bank of factory presets into your own sounds that you love. Tweak and overwrite each of them. You will have fun and learn some things. Even turn mono patches into poly one etc. No rules.


It is totally up to you but I rarely, almost never buy any synth patches. Firstly, I have decades of sound design under my belt, but more importantly, getting your new instrument to make particular sound you want, whether thats a reference from some other instrument or something you “hear” in your head, will make you master your instrument, as opposed to using it as a workstation that loads presets so you dont waste time.