Hey all, happy new year. I was trying some of my old foot-switches with my super Gemini to see which ones worked best. The Boss FS-6 and FS-7 are really nice dual foot-switches, both have polarity and momentary options, but FS-6 requires a 9volt battery, where as the FS-7 only needs a battery for the leds.

@udo-audio The Digitech FS3X is interesting, using a stereo TRS cable, it’s a 3 button foot-switch, which works like this; on perf A1 A2 and A3, the mode button holds the upper layer, the down button holds the lower layer, and the up button holds both layers, awesome, this is perfect!. But from A4 onwards, all 3 buttons do the same function both layers are held. Is the hold function a per patch user function then? If it is, how do set the preferred function. I realise a 2 button switch is the preference but this 3 button option is awesome when it work.

Anyway, what foot-switches are you using people? It would be so cool to share your experience for everyone to benefit and help each other.

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