Hold Freeze/Raga mode

One of my favourite features of the S6 is the hold mode (I make drone!). But it would be amazing if I could make a drone up of say 5 voices and have one spare that could be used to play a melody over the top. I see it as similar to the delay freeze whereas you would freeze the hold. Would something like this even be possible?

If I understand what you mean correctly, I do exactly this with chord mode. 4-5 voices looping indefinitely while I play a melody over top (or turn off binaural to have all 12 voices available).

I tend to just play this directly into effects and make drones that way.


Ah thanks, this does work to some extent. But the problem is all notes of the drone are triggered at the same time. What’s great about the hold function is you can have notes cycling at different points.

I don’t get how you get them to loop and play on top : when I hold my chord, any press on the keys transposes it, since it’s a sequence…