FR hold improvements/options

1] when notes are held, octave switch transposes held sound.

2] (all ready mentioned in other posts) hold mode option to add notes or notes are replaced each time a key is played.

(apologies for the blast of posts, i thought individual posts would allow discussion about the specific request and not jumble them up)

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@DDS please can we log these requests in upvoty thanks!

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Held as in with your fingers/hand? or the HOLD button? If you mean the HOLD button, I would be against that change because it’s part of how I make my drone/pad octaves.

As for #2, I like that idea!

@ZaneAlexander i transpose idea would apply regardless of mode. I guess that leads to actually 3 hold options. All that could be transpose why notes are held. i use this a lot on other synths.

  1. HOLD button holds all notes played and adds notes as you play more (after releasing the initial).

  2. HOLD mode hold the played notes. after keys are released, new notes played replace the previous notes.

  3. HOLD button/foot pedal holds notes that are played when button pressed. this allows notes to be held and the free voices can be played over the help notes (ob8).