Real time sequencer?

Would this even be possible? Where you could hold notes while the sequencer plays?

Instead of programming step by step?


One of my biggest wishes for the sequencer would be that you could enter notes, ties and rests directly as you go. It’s always felt like there is a way, or should be, but I can’t find it. Entering notes you don’t want then going down to the row for spaces to delete them always does my head in, basically cos I’m old and befuddled.


Yes! I second this.

Also throwing in a bone there for fixing the issue of the sequencer resetting when you toggle through the sequencer functions (steps, length etc). Makes it hard to build the sequence while performing.

Also just wish some love for the sequencer overall. It’s hard at times to know if you’re putting in a new note or if you’re gonna transpose the whole piece (sometimes I feel it does both…)


Could not agree more. I really hope the sequencer gets some TLC. It’s so close to being all I need…

Would love to see:
A) Live/Realtme mode - run the sequence and play notes in live
B) Offset/nudge on individual notes. Perhaps holding doing a step and using the mod amount encoder to push a step back and forth?
C) Clear a single step without having to add a rest or clear the whole sequence. Is there a way of doing this? I have checked the manual, did not see anything. I would expect to be able to hold a step button then hit clear to clear that step, but it does not seem to work. Perhaps I am missing something obvious?
D) Add note/step without needing a keyboard. I have the desktop version and would LOVE if I could hold down a step and then use the mod amount to select a note by semitone. This would make the unit fully autonomous. Is there a way to do this currently?

@moderators perhaps one of you could chime in about my “wishlist” and let me know if some of these things are currently possible and perhaps I am just overlooking?


Keystep? It responds to live polyphonic sequencing.

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Live/real time sequencing would be lovely

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All of these would be brilliant. It is close to greatness!

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