How great is the owner's manual!?

I get disproportionately excited by synth manuals, so I was over the moon when I unpacked the owner’s manual for the Super 6.

I thought Sequential manuals were good, but the Super 6’s is in a league of its own. A thing of beauty. :heart_eyes:


On equal footing with other classic manuals from Serge, Buchla, Korg, Arp, and Waldorf, I’d say.

It’s really great. Each section gives a little bit of plain English explaining as to what you can do with that part of the synth in an interesting or musical context. This a lacking in some other manuals eg for the octatrack

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A good synth manual is a thing of beauty. I hate opening the box of a new synth to discover no manual or a tiny ‘quick start’ guide. (I’m looking at you Elektron)

The manual is great if you ignore the fact, that parts of it are not yet true (e.g. MIDI CC, MPE …) and parts are no longer true (e.g. LFO1 LR PHASE slider position to percentage).

Maybe I’m a little picky but I prefer a manual that reflects reality and clearly states what is subject to change and what is simply planned but not available yet, because if I cannot rely on the statements in the manual I have absolutely no motivation to read it.

But UDO Audio is in respectable society:
In some Moog manuals (e.g. for the Subharmonicon) even the schematics are not really correct. :rofl:
And they use the same huge fonts, comfortable for people with presbyopia but really uncomfortable if illustrations and explanations don’t fit on the same page (or placed on the front and back side of the same leaf :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ).

Sure, maybe a few mistakes, but it’s leagues better than other manuals I’ve read. I can’t believe how bad the manual is for Rolands TR-8S -_-