Its a shame

How long should we wait for a fully supported & working synth in year 2021?
No editor & not fully CC or better NRPN exchange.

We all paid a lot of money, what are you doing?
Posting pictures where you give us a notice? :fu: :fu:

Not really fair, IMO. The current state of the synth has always been explained very openly by UDO with their ‘In Development’ document. So everyone who educated themselves by reading that document, or reading the various forum threads on the Super 6, knew they were buying into a “work in progress” and yet still thought the synth was worth paying for.

Since I bought mine almost a year ago, the firmware has been updated four times, (with another hinted at soon). That’s an average of a new firmware update with bug fixes and added features, every three months. I think that’s pretty good and have no reason to doubt the synth will continue to be updated with everything promised.

I understand it’s frustrating waiting for promised features (I myself am dying for USB MIDI), but I think UDO have been very honest and open about things along the way. As I always say, patience is a doctor’s customer.


I agree to an extent, especially as the implementation of said features has not been done in the timeframe advertised.

…. and yet it has not stopped me from having it on two upcoming releases, as those projects did not require i.e. MPE.

Then again, I do hope the core functionality, USB MIDI, CC RxTx, MPE is added in the next one, with a few annoying bugs squashed…

It might be frustating, especially if you wait for dedicated features that are still not released, but it’s to my oppinion not a shame.
I bought some other stuff from a really big player of the scene (i don’t say a name) that was not much better, but got no update for years, so it’s simply how it is.

The situation with different lockdowns across Europe and nearly no possibility to travel, bad availability of semiconductors and so on … costs a lot of time and ressources.
I saw much worst problems for much bigger players because of that within the last year … and in fact, i currently only have time to play with a synth, because most of my bussiness projects are delayed or canceled… and i hope the best, that it works a little better for UDO.

So to me it’s definitely not a shame, it’s simply not that easy as we all expected.

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I also agree with @HermetechMastering . They have been informing about the situation since the beginning. We all need to be patient and we also know that they are currently working on the Midi exchange and that will most probably be the next update coming.
And FYI, I have already made an editor so I’m also waiting to get the new specs and have the editor tested.
Hopefully they will also come with sysex commands that will allow me to add a librarian.
So, just be patient and have fun with your synth while waiting :wink:


Yes, kinda crazy the amount of people I have noticed who have spent that much on a synth without reading all the documentation first. The old, “I can’t seem to get USB MIDI to work” chestnut seems to pop up on that FB group every few weeks.

Your editor looks amazing and I look forward to trying it out! Will be great to finally see how other people’s patches were created.

It would be nice to have these features but I’d rather have the synth as it is currently than to wait another 2 years until its 100% perfect. I use this synth on almost every song I produce now and it gives an incredibly unique flavor with the binaural mode, it’s good to take a moment and realize you’re on the bleeding edge of synth tech!


23 days ago and no answer from UDO. This is poor and cheap @ the same time.

Every question and qualified bug report it sent to UDO support was answered within one business day.
That’s fair enough.