Is this a normal output level?

Firmware is 0.26, connected with TS cables to my Apollo Twin X interface.

With factory patches I’m having to bump the Apollo gain up to 25-30db to get a reasonable signal level - at 30db gain boost, factory patch A1, dynamics off, master volume at 0db, VCA at 4db, hammering a chord will hit -9db, more realistic playing is -18db or so.

I’m feeling confused because I don’t have another keyboard that needs so much boost.

that sounds weird to me.
I’m not familiar with this interface but here are some things to check:

Are you sure it’s TS cables? (Sorry but had to rule that one out)
Does the Apollo have different input types? Maybe instrument/Line? Make sure it’s Line level
Are the combo jacks (Mic/Line) automatically switched or do you have to set them up as line manually?

I need to check it, but I have a likewise setup S6=>Apollo
and I have the gain boost at 20-30dB but the signal is clean! That is most important to me.
I have 2 other synthesizers I need to boost 20dB and they are noisy…

  • EDIT: I checked it now and they are boosted by 35dB on line input!