LFO2 Delay

Got my black S6 keyboard a week or so ago after many months of listening to demos and reading everything I could find about the synth, and it’s great. Really just a gorgeous and deep synth.

I’m confused about the LFO2 delay function because it doesn’t seem to do anything. I assume it is supposed to delay onset of LFO2 when it’s triggered by aftertouch? If so, every delay setting sounds the same—the LFO2 modulation begins immediately when aftertouch is engaged with no delay.

Am I missing something, or does this sound like an issue?


From memory, I think this only applies to the always-on mode (topmost position). Give it a whirl in that setting!

I emailed with Mike from support and just want to confirm here that it was user error. I didn’t realize the voice needed to be retriggered for the LFO delay to work (that is, it only works on the first instance of a voice-on gate. If you continue holding and trigger LFO2 a second time it will come on immediately).

I was also expecting there would be no modulation until the delay time concluded, but instead the modulation depth increases over that time, which is better for most applications.

Thanks to support for assistance.