Links on Website Are Broken

I’ve been trying to download the manual for the Super 6, and the link on seems to be broken. In fact, all download links just link straight to the registration page.

I’ve noticed that since the new website launch a few weeks ago, many, many links seem to be either incorrect, or non-functional altogether. I really like the design of the new site, but the actual functionality isn’t very usable.

I was able to download the manual there (see above marked in yellow)

@tcclevela the link you supplied seems to work for us. You mention other links, maybe you can email us which ones on

Before you do this though please “Clear Browsing Data” being sure to “Clear cached pages” as your browser may be using cached data from our old site, and try again.

If using chrome “Incognito mode” can be used to access the site without cached data if you do not want to clear your browsing data right now.

Any further trouble please email if you need help

Ah I’m going crazy! They all seem to be working perfectly now. Must have been some weird caching issue or something. Sorry for the confusion!