MIDI CC Question

Following the manual, when I press shift I can see the ABCDE etc LEDs flash, apart from LOCAL which is either on or off.

To enable the synth to receive MIDI CC messages, when I select the TX/RX E button, I see that it solos (e.g only that lights up and flashes) but I can tell whether this is on or off. Exiting shift and then pressing it again, the LEDs flash in the same way.

I’m happily sending CC messages to other synths but for some reason the SG isn’t receiving anything. I’m wanting to modulate the VCF Cutoff from an envelope within Ableton and I’ve mapped my envelope to CC #74.

Has this been implemented yet?

ah, so the synth needs to be turned off and on again for this to come in to effect it would appear. Not sure if that’s meant to be that way?