Music from Interstellar performed on the Super 6

Hey my Super 6 lovers. I present to you the Interstellar movie theme performed on the Udo Audio Super 6 synthesizer. It starts small and quiet, but gets loud and HUGE at the end, so try and listen to it on good speakers. I arranged this piece over many hours…too many to count, but it was a labor of love. I truly enjoy the entire Interstellar soundtrack, as it evokes so much emotion for me. I produced this track using only sounds from the Super 6 multi-tracked into Cubase 12, and the only external FX used was reverb. I hope that you enjoy my efforts. :slight_smile:


Really appreciate your effort which is way beyond my own arrangement skills! Do you think you’ll do a reprise with Super Gemini?

p.s. phantasm is still my favourite :white_circle:

Thanks! It would be hard to beat the sounds that I used from the Super 6, but when I eventually do get the Gemini, I will have to compare for sure. :slight_smile: