Super 6 featured

Hi all,

Wanted to shamelessly promote my music which is featured as the opening track to the latest NeoTantra compilation released a couple of days ago.
There is super6 featured of course in some of the sounds used
As often with Neotantra the release has been quite well received and popular : Bandcamp had this compilation as ranking #6 in their overall charts yesterday #1 in ambient charts

Track is called Un Quatre Huit Neuf Un


That’s a super track. Love the voice bits. Great to hear the S6 contribution :+1:

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Thanks mate. One thing is sure is that S6 has put me more into composing lately. Despite its current limitations it surely does sound so inspiring.
And not only for the ambient / drone stuff that I like writing the most.
Always a good sign when new gear arrives in the studio!

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