Patch file decoding

First some general comments:
This is a complicate subject. The Super6 is intend to be a musical instrument for some kind of “hands on experience” to be explored by playing and listening. It has no display by intention!
… but I’m nosy :blush: very nosy :crazy_face: … and there are a lot of factory patches where i had no clue how this is done…
… and some of the patches become even more valuable and easier to tweak if you know which slider is in what position.

So i did some research, recycled some code that i allready had in my treasure for finding out things like that and buildt “something”, that does the job “allmost”.
“Allmost” means:

  • It works in my development environment how it works, far away from the status of an easy to reuse software product.
  • I didn’t find the values for all sliders. Two are really missing (the red ???), two are probably not part of the patch (the red /), for one i was to lazy to decode the numeric value (SEQ REC button).
  • Not all sliders have a linear curve. For the LFO1 PHASE slider i know for sure that the displayed value does not correlate linear, for others maybe.
  • The patch file format seems to be highly redundant, so i’m not sure if i allway got the right “copy” of that value.
  • No graphics! To me it is much more usefull to have numeric value with 1% precisicion, than counting pixels on a screen picture.

All slider or knob values are recalculated to a value 0,0 to 10,0, except DDS2 TUNE which goes -6,0 … 0 … 6,0 and all MOD AMOUNT values going from -8,0 to + 8,0 (for the number of LEDs).
The software displays the DDS1 waveform and the LFO1 waveform (both part of the patch), even if i did not find out how to determine if LFO1 really uses that waveform or not.

Here is an example for Patch G3 … the one that made me nearly crazy :nerd_face:


Some additional note:
If you are interested in the settings of a dedicated patch, please ask.
Please don’t ask for ALL. :upside_down_face:

And finally, please don’t ask for a blue design. I know, the blue one sounds better :clown_face: but the gray make higher screen contrast. :face_with_monocle:

Any chance for layout of how patch files are structured? I tried to extract some but was too much work. Figured out there are 6 sections which I assume is tied to the voices.

Patch overview with some selected patch parameters.
The small icon right of the patch number marks patches that use the EXPR/CV input in the mod matrix.
Patches that differ on the Super6 from the default Patches are marked with yellow background.

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By the way: The patches E2 … G1 seem to be made by Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) and obviously he likes to use the Expression pedal in combination with the pitch bender,
as you can see in the MOD MATRIX:

The other patches using the Expression pedal all end with *_DZ (don’t know who that is), but they don’t use it in that excessive way.